A change of scenery

For those that didn’t know, I left my old job at OnTechnology as a Senior Software Engineer just before the birth of my son Dashel in July of 2009.

It was an extremely difficult decision, but I had to make a choice between living in a place I love and being able to watch my family grow up here, or continuing to make the sacrifice of commuting and working long hours in Sydney.  Something had to give and I decided that it was more important to focus on my families future in Wollongong rather than continue working in Sydney.

I took a risk and decided to keep an eye out for suitable work in the ‘gong, not just any work mind you, but with a company that has similar ideals and a vision that I agreed with strongly. Luckily for me, iQmultimedia, a Wollongong company with a strong and growing presence were looking to hire! Continue reading “A change of scenery”

Start at the beginning!

I’ve been encouraged by some friends of mine to actually get my act together and setup an online presence. Why you ask? It’s mainly to do with self-promotion, a topic I’m not really all that comfortable with. However, in order to attract some attention and bring in some cash to put food on the table, it’s necessary.

What do I aim to achieve?

Hopefully this little corner of the web I have decided to claim as my own will become a repository where I can show off some of my work, detail my interests, perform experiments and perhaps also use as a memory dump.

I will be aiming to at least post something every week, whether it’s related to work, software development in general or the latest thing that has taken my fancy.

We all have to start somewhere right? So I’m going to start at the beginning.