A change of scenery

For those that didn’t know, I left my old job at OnTechnology as a Senior Software Engineer just before the birth of my son Dashel in July of 2009.

It was an extremely difficult decision, but I had to make a choice between living in a place I love and being able to watch my family grow up here, or continuing to make the sacrifice of commuting and working long hours in Sydney.  Something had to give and I decided that it was more important to focus on my families future in Wollongong rather than continue working in Sydney.

I took a risk and decided to keep an eye out for suitable work in the ‘gong, not just any work mind you, but with a company that has similar ideals and a vision that I agreed with strongly. Luckily for me, iQmultimedia, a Wollongong company with a strong and growing presence were looking to hire!

Throughout the interview and recruitment process they were professional, friendly and great to get along with, I guess they felt likewise and I’ve now been gainfully employed as a Developer with them as of this week! Huzzah!

To the guys at OnTechnology I’d just like to say thanks for the great times and the many opportunities I was given. In particular I’d like to thank Luke Amery, my old boss, for the great support and mentoring he provided over the years, I attribute a lot of my learning and skills to the time spent patiently instructing while I built practical experience in the software field. I will still be watching the companies progress keenly in the future and wish them all the best and great success!

Onward and Upward, as they say!

Disclaimer: I better mention that any views or opinions put forward on this site are purely my own, and do not reflect the opinions and views of my employer iQmultimedia (or former employers for that matter).

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