A change of scenery

For those that didn’t know, I left my old job at OnTechnology as a Senior Software Engineer just before the birth of my son Dashel in July of 2009.

It was an extremely difficult decision, but I had to make a choice between living in a place I love and being able to watch my family grow up here, or continuing to make the sacrifice of commuting and working long hours in Sydney.  Something had to give and I decided that it was more important to focus on my families future in Wollongong rather than continue working in Sydney.

I took a risk and decided to keep an eye out for suitable work in the ‘gong, not just any work mind you, but with a company that has similar ideals and a vision that I agreed with strongly. Luckily for me, iQmultimedia, a Wollongong company with a strong and growing presence were looking to hire! Continue reading “A change of scenery”